Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

the view of the long drive hole from the SERVPRO tent

The view from the SERVPRO tent

This was the great view from our SERVPRO tent at this past weeks golf tournament. We had a great time being apart of this wonderful event. Big thanks to all that came out & played a round of golf with us. 

one of our SERVPRO employees in the middle of his golf swing

The long ball

One of our large loss representatives on the long drive hole at this past weekends golf tournament. He did hold the lead for a few teams but at the end at the day had the second longest drive of the day.  

SERVPRO truck parked with an american flag in the for ground


A great picture snapped by one of our techs after finishing a job. We are all blessed & lucky to live in this great nation & thankful for all of our loyal customers!

A lot of SERVPRO vehicles parked in front of church with employees standing in front of them

Disaster recovery team

Our large loss disaster recovery team preparing to head home from being in South Carolina after a hurricane. We cant these guys enough for all the long hours & time away from there family to help when it is needed no mater the place   

SERVPRO Truck parked in commercial building parking lot

Disaster recovery team

Our large loss disaster recovery team had just arrived in South Carolina after a hurricane had left its path of destruction. Our guys drove all through the night to be the first team on site to help those in need.  

Volunteer Recognition Day

A memory from National Volunteer Recognition Day. Big thanks to the community volunteers and emergency responders that work alongside us. Special shout-out to our volunteer partners at the Red Cross for all they do to help the community!